UPDATED version | Skate Wizard RPG Zine + Cassette, dice, sticker bundle


A steezy role-playing game about radical and arcane shredding of the Gnar. You are a member of the Hermetic Order of the Skate Wizards.

Packet includes:
-Skate Wizards Zine with 40 pages of content (i.e rules, character creation, locations, illustrations)
-Two character sheets UPDATED SHEET VERSION w more room
-Full dice kit (1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12, 1d20) Colors will vary
-Original music by Loot the Body band. Cassette comes with digital download
-One Skate Wizard Sticker
-Free Digital Download of Skate Wizards PDF will be included with packets.
Skate Wizards is a collaborative project by musician Levi Nunez and artist Michael C. Hsiung.
Updates 4/20/2024

Character Creation - Step 2
The line “These stats increase as you level up.” caused some confusion. Some folks expected their Defense Number (DN) to increase so we’re changing that to “some stats increase as you level up.”

Combat Rules - Attack Bonus
The Attack Bonus has probably been the most asked about item. GMs are always free to do whatever they want at their table but in the game as written there is no attack bonus available until level 3 where it becomes an option. We have clarified the combat rules to read “The attacker makes an Attack Roll (AR) by rolling 2D6 and adding their Attack Bonus (AB), if applicable (for instance, if a character is level 3).

Skate Trick Names Table Descriptive Text
The purpose of this table is 100% for flavor. We didn’t want people to think we were making Tony Hawk Pro Skater the TTRPG. We also didn’t want folks who aren’t familiar with skate terms to think the game wasn’t for them. So, we created this table to help people understand the vibe and to help them get into it. You are under no obligation to use the table. If you do use the table you can use “Barky Monger” or “Barky Monger Chunt” or a full “Barky Monger Chunt with a Lazy Mast” … you get the picture. We’ve modified the instructions slightly to help clarify some of this. They now read as follows.

“A Skate Wizard's tricks are magical and different from any you may be familiar with. Feel free to make up your own trick names or roll 1D20 on each column from left to right to name your signature moves. This table is like a good bottle of hot sauce. Reach for it when you want more flavor in your game.”

Also, you should check out this cool cool trick name generator that Skate Wizard D. Hamberlin made https://dhamberlin.github.io/skate-wizards/ It includes all the terms from the original table plus a whole bunch of new terms.

Character Sheet
Finally, the character sheet has been updated with a new front image that takes better advantage of the space.

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