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Skate Wizard RPG Zine + Cassette, dice, sticker bundle

  • Skate Wizard RPG Zine + Cassette, dice, sticker bundle

A steezy role-playing game about radical and arcane shredding of the Gnar. You are a member of the Hermetic Order of the Skate Wizards.

Packet includes:
-Skate Wizards Zine with 40 pages of content (i.e rules, character creation, locations, illustrations)
-Two character sheets
-Full dice kit (1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12, 1d20) Colors will vary
-Original music by Loot the Body band. Cassette comes with digital download
-One Skate Wizard Sticker
-Free Digital Download of Skate Wizards PDF will be included with packets.
Skate Wizards is a collaborative project by musician Levi Nunez and artist Michael C. Hsiung.

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